• 27th Night Of Ramadan Program 

    More Info Coming Soon! 

  • Santa Ana Mosque Members Break Ramadan Fast with Tacos

      On Saturday, for the first time, this community’s iftar meal arrived in a bright green taco truck. El believes it’s the start of a wonderful relationship. “The fact that we are uniting with the Latino community through food is just a beautiful thing,” she said. “A lot of people don’t know we’re here. We’re Asian […]


    Latino Muslims Find Home at Mosque Led by Cambodian Refugees

       SANTA ANA, Calif. — When César Domínguez converted to Islam 12 years ago, he had one reservation. “The first thing I said to myself was, ‘How am I going to become part of this Muslim community if my language is Spanish, and I go to the mosque and I interact with people in English, […]